Mushrooms are a fascinating bunch. They are unique species of their own. Packed full of nutrients, they are also very gentle on the planet. See how we grow them on our farm!

Mixing spawn with our mushroom logs.

That’s not quite a milk bottle although it makes for a very comfortable cradle for our mushroom babies. We first mix the mushroom spawn with the raw materials in the logs and keep them at the perfect temperature and humidity as they settle in for their growth spurt.

Mushroom pinning.

When all is well and they are ready, the mushrooms start to push through the substrate with their tiny heads. This is known as “pinning” as the mushrooms rather resemble tiny pins at this point.

Fruiting and harvest.

To help the mushroom pins mature quickly, there needs to be some amount of light as well. It only takes a few days before the mushrooms start fruiting. That’s when our employees come in to carefully harvest them by hand. You can be sure that each mushroom has been treated with the utmost care before it reaches your dinner plate.

There would be no mushrooms without our mushroom logs. Here at our farm, we’re really keen on doing good for our environment. See what happens in the lifecycle of our logs!

What goes into our mushroom logs?

We like to keep things simple around here. It’s just saw dust, rice bran and mushroom spawn. Very environmentally friendly as they come from discarded wood shavings and the unwanted bits of rice grain.

Our mushroom logs and the mushroom growth cycle.

Our mushroom logs are an integral part to growing our mushrooms. Full of the necessary nutrients, they form the substrate or the bed where our mushroom spawn will incubate, pin and mature into the mushrooms you’d typically see at the supermarkets.

Composting our mushroom logs.

Our logs can be used for 3 to 5 rounds of mushroom growth before they are “spent”. Things don’t just end here though. Here at Mushroom Buddies, we also believe in “circular” farming practices. The “spent” logs will then go towards the compost heap and turned into fertilizer to be used in the various gardens of our brand partners.