Our mushrooms do good, change lives and empower special youths.

We’re a special kind of mushroom farm.

We believe in choice, freedom and inclusivity.

We built this farm from the ground up with nothing but love and a whole lot of grit. We started out as a group of parents wanting the best for our special-est children and created Mushroom Buddies as a safe space to empower them for a bright and independent future ahead. We now work with those who are disabled to ensure everyone has a fair chance at earning a sustainable income and living the best lives they can.


Do good. Feel good. Eat good.

Our mushrooms all come with an extra dose of Vitamin Love courtesy of our big-hearted employees. We then fill each packet of mushrooms with good vibes to thank you for supporting our cause. Go, you!

Made with local pride.

Made in Singapore, for Singapore. We’re doing our part to feed our people. Mushrooms grown on our own lands mean fresher produce with a smaller carbon footprint. Great for you, great for our homeland and great for the planet.


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Little Farms Cafe


Red Sparrow

A massive thanks to all our partners.

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